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Vermont Veterinary Surgical Center's Mission

As a referral center, the VVSC does not provide primary veterinary care. Instead, the VVSC works closely with your veterinarian on those cases requiring the services of a veterinary surgeon. The VVSC team is always sensitive to the needs of your pet and is committed to providing the most compassionate, competent care possible. We work hard to maintain open communication with you and your veterinarian while providing the best possible outcome for your pet. The nature of our practice often means difficult decisions must be made regarding your pet’s care. We believe it is our responsibility to advise you of the treatment options available to manage your pet’s specific problem so that you, the pet owner, can make the best decision for you and your pet. Once this choice is made, we make every effort to support your decision.

The VVSC welcomes your comments as we continually strive to improve our capacity to meet the needs of our referring veterinarians and their clientele.

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